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This is the directory page for all kind of user-submitted content. The pages listed here exhibit the collective energy of the Tek Jansen community. You may find pictures, banners, space graphics, photos, videos or just about anything else.

Select from the links below and enjoy your visit as best youíre able, but always bear in mind that the content within these user-submitted pages has not been created by the proprietors of Tek Jansen, nor is it specifically endorsed by usÖ but you have to admit, some of itís pretty dang good.

-- User-Submitted Content Pages --
Graphics & Images
Novel Cover: The Return of Abraxxia
Novel Cover: Tek vs. the Koandas
Young Tek Jansen Illustration
The Halls of Tek Jansen's Ship
- Tek Jansen Forum Smilies
- T-Shirt Merchandising Program
- Tek Doubters go On-Notice
- Gaming Combat Tek Jansen
- Colbert Public Service READ Poster
- Tek Jansen Rides that Moo Cow
- Member Flash Banner (300x250)
- Space Helmets
- Tropical Moon of Thetis Novel Cover
- Tropical Moon of Thetis
- Sunset Book Cover
- Spacey Book Cover
- Rocket Book Cover
- Postcards of Phobodeimos Book Cover
- Space Bears Book Cover
- Tek Jansen Gigante ala Space
- Space Tek with Hotty & Goggles
- Poster Featuring "Quadrupremsleeperator"
- Tek of the Stars Flash Ad Banner
- The Era of Tek ad banner
- Tek Jansen Romance Novel Cover (2)
- Tek Jansen Romance Novel Cover (1)
- Viva Colbert!
- I Want to Believe
- Tek at the feet of Joanna Valentine
- Reveler of Margbwar
- Flash Ad Banner
- Graphics & Avatars
- Image of the Rectoscrape-a-scan
- Signs, Smokes & a Clapperboard
- Useless animated Banners
- Future Gazette News Clipping
- Talking Tomatoes, Squirrels & Flowers
- Link buttons and Geek Badges
- Comic of "The Decider"
- Tek's Fatal Exception
- No Tek Allowed
- Artistic Typo Posters
- Burning Banners of Tek
- Assorted Tek Signs and Banners
- Tek Jansen in the News
- Chapter-2 Poster
- Subsciption Ad Banner
- Chapter-17 "Killer Koanda Pamphlet"
- Tek Jansen Cartoon Adventure
- Tek Jansen Animated Avatar

Video / Multimedia / Games
Dancing Tek Animation
Tek Shooter PC-Game
Dancing at the Disco-Tek
The Sexu-hoses of Tek Jansen's Life
- Killing the Killer Koanda Game
- Prophet Ernest Borgnine Flash Puzzle
- Flash Game; Dress Tek!
- Young Tek Jansen Video

Tek Jansen: A Histrionic, A Narcissist, A Hero
- Tek Jansen: An Authentic Hero
- Member Madlib: Flirting 101
- Member Madlib: How to Perform CPR
- On Freedom, Tolerance and America's God
- How to Self-Loath
- The Unknowable Truth Behind Tek
- Feeling the Truth of Tek Jansen
- Don't be Such a Nerd

Member FanFic: Tracy's Experience
- Member Rewrite of Chapter-4
- Member rewrite of Chapter-3

If you'd like to submit your own graphics, stories or content, please read the user submissions page.

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