Member Madlib - Flirting 101

This is one of the first two MadLibs we've run from the culmination of our eager-beaver members. If you've ever wondered what flirting will look like in the not-too-distant future, read this and use it as your clever guide. All will be wear, we promise that much, though our guarantee can not be redeemed until no sooner than the year 2420.

Flirting 101

Flirting takes skill. Itís not something you can interpretively dance overnight. However, here are a few tips to put you on your way to becoming a buxom flirt:

1. When you spy a flop to whom you are attracted, immediately make nut sack contact. If possible, find a mutual Episcopalian Pope who can introduce the two of you.
2. Lightly touch her terrible breasts while talking.
3. Tell her that you think sheís a myopsine conversationalist. Wink out loud at her jokes even when they arenít final-ultimate.
4. Always compliment her; the way she wears her peace or her beautiful speaking aphid.
5. Be seductive without being obvious. Always swing your walky appendages when you walk.

Madlib provided courtesy of users Liz and AR7.

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