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Of all the different methods available for fans of Tek Jansen, none of ours had quite enough flash for some people, so one of our most active members (both in the forums and here in the user-submitted gallery) took it upon herself to make an ad banner with all the Flash appropriate for a man, and indeed even a story, like this of the grandest space hero ever to not yet exist; Tek Jansen.

Follow these instructions to use this flash banner on your site:

  • Right-Click on this link and select "Save As", to save this banner to your computer.
  • Go to this tutorial page to find the code to EMBED this flash banner on your site (or if you're really ambitious you can VIEW CODE on this page and find the code for it).
  • Make sure you have specified the proper dimensions for this banner, in this case WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=60
  • Upload the banner to your site,
  • Put the code in your page wherever it is you want it to appear,
  • Enjoy all the benefits and glory that comes with linking to Tek Jansen, including being listed as a top referrer.
  • Graphic provided courtesy of user Typing.Monkey.

    If you'd like to submit your own graphics, stories or content, please read the user submissions page.

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