Member Flash Game - Prophet Ernest Borgnine Puzzle

If you love Tek Jansen and enjoy puzzles at least a little bit, you owe it to yourself to waste some time playing this absurd puzzle game based on a photograph of the prophet Ernest Borgnine. This puzzle is fully customizable in size, jigsaw shape and even color scheme. So go ahead, burn through a few spare hours you'd have probably just wasted watching television. This puzzle is only available online, so consider youself quite fortunate because as long as you stay on your computer you'll always be able to pretend you were doing research or working, even though you're just putting back together the head of this Ernest Borgnine in all his apparent, inherent glory.

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  • Graphic provided courtesy of user Typing.Monkey.

    This user submission won 2nd Place, Best Animation, August 2006 at

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