Member Graphic - Retro Retroscrape-a-scan

Some member submissions are fun, others festive, and still others still make you scratch your head and nod in quiet appreciation. This is no such contribution because this is a graphic generated to represent a technological item conjured up from the book. This is the glorious Rectoscrape-a-scan, one of many devices used to determine identity in a world rapt in a notion of security.

Image appears courtesy of member Typing.Monkey.

If you'd like to read more about the Rectoscrape-a-scan, you can read all about it on the rectoscrape-a-scan definition page or read it in context on the Chapter-1 page using "rectoscrape-a-scan" in a sentence.

(You can also read the page that inspired this.)

If you'd like to submit your own graphics, stories or content, please read the user submissions page.

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