Chapter 3 - State Unrestfull; Ugly, Ugly Peace (page-2)

He mistook my disappointment for humility, at least his head that did the talking did. “You are too modest, Mr. Jansen.”

“Mister?” I asked through a surprised chortle. “My father isn’t here, friend, call me Ambassador Jensen.”

The whole of earths near and far had gathered to pay me my due homage. I insisted no gifts be brought, for as a champion of men, I already had everything I could have ever imagined to want, which was only the simple beauty of peace and democracy.

I asked nothing more and wouldn't accept it, but the party was nice, even if a little less garish than expected. It was something I accepted, and though it was the grandest shindig the entirety of all known universes had imagined, I didn't allow it for my own edification. I wasn't about that, I did it for the people, the real patriots, the heroes of the known existence, even for some of that God damned sentient algae I could never clear from my own pond. I allowed the party for all of them.

I was a seasoned veteran of war, and not just the literal kind. I had championed environmental rights and whole-solar system deforestation both on opposite hands while holding back masses of escaped insane asylum inmates while even acting as a diplomat to settle the Nodholquar-Lihiddy wars of Andromeda. Hey, it's the closest galaxy, they're only like 200 million light years away from their war overflowing to America, what do you expect me to do?

Well, the Galactic Front of Sentient Worlds expected me to resolve it all as if by magic, and if I may brag for a moment, I did not disappoint.

“So this is the parade to honor me?” I asked from beneath cocked eyebrow.

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