Chapter 2 – A Hero He Is, Yes, But Also Still A Man (page-4)

It wasn’t normally like me to issue such cut-rate come-on lines like this, but you get what you pay for and the writers in the Unirgret back office are not the sort that win any awards.

She stepped around her desk and reached for the clasp behind her neck. Like the sigh of a woman watching her first asteroid shower from the veranda of a Moon Resort, her Lumi-silk dress fell to the floor.

I stepped forward and strongly took hold of her shoulders. "Oh, Tek," she moaned lustfully, "I've been waiting for you." Our lips met in a hot kiss as her hands slid down my back to my lower back and back up to my middles and upper back areas. She pulled our bodies close together, allowing her to feel just how aroused she had made me. She smiled at me like the cat that ate the canary and whispered, "Take me, Tek Jansen. I must have you now."

I pinned her against the wall by her wrists and she squealed with pleasure. I kissed her hard, our tongues entwined like seaweed wrapping around a canoe paddle. We made out passionately until she couldn't stand how turned on she was. I released her hands and she quickly fell to unvelcro-ing my uniform shirt, with a series of rips building in intensity along with my own. She yanked my uniform off my shoulders, leaving it hanging at my waist, revealing the stretch-fitting Kev-L-Tec armored T-shirt I always wore underneath.

"Looks like this armored T-shirt is no protection...from you," I cracked, and Tracy laughed youthfully before pressing her mouth against mine yet again. She continued counting my fillings with her tongue while her hands ran all over my body, eventually settling on my pants, which she removed with the passionate determination of one who has been waiting for it all day. I felt like a killer squid was wrapped around my face and I loved every last drop of her.

Now both naked and glistening with sweat, we continued sexily groping every secret inch of each other's bodies as we bumped up against the hydraulifile cabinet, sending the storage crystals stacked on top flying. She ran her mouth down my well-defined chest all the way to my firm, throbbing passion, and I did the same to her.

I was several minutes in to my re-experience already, and she could stand our erotic foreplay no longer. "Tek Jansen," she panted with pleasure as my fingers sought out the most sensitive areas of her innermost private treasures, "I need to feel you. Right now. In-ohhhhhhhh." I had caught her off-guard with a particularly gentle and expertly-placed caress. "Ohhhh," she moaned, "Inside me. Now."

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