Chapter 1 – Once Again, Brave Warrior, Forth Into the Breach (page-7)

The time of peace was a permanent one, I’d already been assured of it following the Squad’s latest victory, but I wasn’t about to interrupt a woman thusly toiling about her own head.

“Is that all?” I asked, seductively unbuttoning the top latch on each of my combatative boots. “Come on Valentine, you didn’t call me here just for that, did you?”

While she was fairly prophesizing what I’d very quickly come to know was a new era of unprecedented death and violence, I was miles away, specifically 18 of them, specifically straight back up to the surface where the cumulonimbus tinted sun was still shining free of deadly radiation and the hot human and neo-human ladies were fully engaged in the due “strutting” of their “stuff”.

“I’ll see you very soon, Tek.” She said, trying desperately to mask her impassioned shortness of breath as a capital crime of mild asthma, “just get some rest and don’t make an ass of the squad tomorrow. New Terra has always counted on you, now I’m counting on you to be a positive ambassador.”

It had been five minutes, so I put my eyebrow back down, but only to raise the other one. “I bet you’d welcome I ruin myself, wouldn’t you?”

She looked shocked, so I continued. You’d sell this planet for a side dish of creato-wonton if I’d give you five minutes with this Tek, wouldn’t you?”

As the robosecurigaurds hauled me out of her office, the stench of her cheap, musky perfume still thick in my mechanostrils, I turned to the gentler one to my right. “dude, she totally wanted me, right?”

Within a mere hour I was back up, down, and deposited back outside on the sidewalk. I’d heard everything she said but paid no heed to any of it. Tomorrow morning was to be my celebratory carniveral, with meats sacrificed and all. It was my job that night to get my rest, but that just ain’t my speed.

A cut-rate sidewalk robo-spatula scraped me up and set me back on my dual walky appendages, and I knew what I had to do. I hailed an autocab, climbed aboard and confidently declared, “New, New Vegas, please.”

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