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If you're a webmaster and you're looking for ways to generate some extra traffic or revenue, here's a couple starting points we can strongly recommend.

First of all, check out our sponsorship and links pages to see if there's a way we can help you out directly. But if you're a webmaster looking to generate extra revenue from the traffic you already have, then read on.

Value Click Media is one of the most important methods we utilize to generate revenue. They offer a wide variety of ad sizes, shapes and formats, but they also allow you to enable and disable individual ads as well as entire ad categories in order to show your readers only the most relevant ads as you see fit, and also limits the frequency of ads you might not want to display, such as popups, dating or other such niche products.

-- Value Click Media--

But if you want to have only the most subtle, relevant, but still profitable ads, give Google Adsense a try. They show contextual ads on your site and you're paid out based on the highest and best possibility from the pages you display. They only take a cut of the profit, so they're as motivated to make the ads work well as you are, and we have found this service nothing but fantastic over our tenure.

-- Google Adsense --

And if you need hosting you have to check out BlueHost.com. They run our site, have stellar client support and offer a k'jillion other features you may or may not even need, and they do it all for the best rate you're likely to find anywhere.

-- BlueHost.com --
Bluehost.com Web Hosting $6.95

And in case you're curious, this is what the Google Ads look like:

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