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Youíve seen our User-Submitted Department and you want to get in on the action? Canít blame you, itís a pretty fun bit of business all around. Our users have submitted everything from cartoons to essays, and every last one of them is savored by thousands of readers who come around the site each day.

If youíd like to take part in the program, you can submit:

  • Cartoons,
  • Comics,
  • Graphics or banners,
  • Alternative logos,
  • Articles,
  • Essays,
  • Fan fiction,
  • Audio, video or other multimedia,
  • Pretty much anything else.
  • There are only a few guidelines we ask you to adhere to in submitting content for inclusion in the User-Submitted Department of www.TekJansen.com. We do ask that you create the content yourself (or otherwise have permission to allow our reprint). This means that you canít just steal an article about bears off of the Associated Press and send it in. The Associated Press frowns on such unauthorized use and so do we.

    By submitting content for consideration, you grant permission to use the content, whether text, graphical or other media format, on this site as well as in promotional or affiliated forms.

    In order to submit the content, please go to the forums (youíll need an account if you donít already have one) and post the content to our HELP TEK, USER SUBMISSION discussion so we can effortlessly add it from there, assuming it meets our minimum criteria. If you choose to do this, make your profile as interesting as you like, since it will be linked to from the page on which your content appears.

    If you need to read our disclaimer, copyright, or Terms of Service, please do so by clicking these links.

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