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Please read the following terms and conditions carefully, as they dictate your usage and readership of this site and all its contents, and are legally binding.

If you need to read our disclaimer, copyright, privacy policy, please do so by clicking these links.

These Terms of Service apply to all readers, subscriber/members, administrators, moderators, advertisers and any other persons who may come in contact with its contents.

No Terms of Service other than these may be considered binding unless issued in writing and notarized by an administrator.

No warranty is offered as to the functionality and availability of the site. The site may not be online at all times, may experience outages or other gaps in functionality due to server load, corruptions of code, denial of service attacks, local or regional outages, and other reasons as yet unforeseen. Such gaps and outages will not entitle any reader, advertiser or subscriber to a whole or partial refund of any revenues paid. We take reasonable steps and exercise due diligence, caution and foresight in the technical execution of the site, code, and servers involved, but no warranty is offered for the perpetuity of content availability and may not result in a refund of any kind.

Readers agree that they are over the age of 18. While this site is not explicitly adult in nature, there are many passages in the book that are adult themed or at least open for a maturity debate. By subscribing, you assert that you are at least 18-years of age and/or have acquired parental consent prior to subscription. We do not employ web rating services such as Net Nanny to restrict the availability of our content, nor do we take any actions to determine the age of readers and members, but we no less suggest the age of 18 as a good guideline.

No warranty or guarantees may be offered for the content submitted by readers. The “Comments”, “Polls” and “Forums” are open to the public and there can be issues raised and language used that may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18, and may be considered offensive to readers of any age. We will take necessary steps to restrict such content, but can not guaranty that an administrator will be able to delete or edit these comments before they are seen. Any request for moderator review will be taken seriously and necessary steps will be taken to adjust content and ban abusive users as needed, but due to the high costs of moderation, these edits may not be made immediately.

Users agree to maintain their language to a level of PG-13 (or TV-MA). If in doubt, ask yourself if the words you are proposing to use would be generally acceptable in a junior high school environment. No user may post comments that are intended to inflame, intimidate or oppress anyone else, including but not limited to other users of Tek Jansen. Any user intentionally inflaming others in the forums or by use of the reader comments system by be banned without notice.

Users agree that they will not submit links, whether in the “Forums” or “Comments” fields designed to promote their own ventures. Specifically this applies to “link spammers” who endeavor to dump excessive links to promote their own interests, but may be extended to more traditional readers who likewise work towards their own interests. Users are free to put reasonable links in the signature of their forum profile, provided these do not appear excessive or gratuitous to the community, administrators, and/or moderators. All complaints of such abuses will be taken seriously and necessary actions will be taken to remedy them, including but not limited to: deletion of posts, banning of users, and reports to relevant legal authorities.

There is no guarantee, either written or implied, as to the release schedule of new chapters, glossary entries, blog posts or any other content. Although it is our intention to release new material on at least a monthly basis, there may be unforeseen reasons why this can not always be possible, regardless of our best efforts and/or intentions.

Chapters and glossary additions may be added in advance of suggested deadlines without changing future deadlines. Although suggested deadlines are implied in the solicitation of membership pages, many of these entries will be made available in advance of the due date, but in doing so, can not alter, adjust nor curtail the deadlines of future chapters or glossary entries.

No warranty is implied to suggest the length of chapters, depth of material, quality of material or the sum total length of the finished book.

The purchase of a member subscription does not and will not entitle the purchasor to own any of the content of the site for purposes of sale or redistribution. Not the text, graphics, codes, comments, themes or any other items displayed. If you wish to use a link button or banner, you may do so freely and without giving us notice nor requesting approval. If you wish to use no more than one paragraph (1) for promotional purposes on your blog or website, you may as long as you provide readers a link to follow pointing to www.tekjansen.com. No other use of the contents of this site will be allowed without prior written consent. To acquire written consent, use the feedback page to make your request.

Any action that may require us to go offline, however temporarily or permanently, will not entitle readers, members or advertisers to any refund in part or in whole. This includes but is not limited to: hacking, natural disaster, injunction, unforeseen cost escalation, author's death or serious illness, court asserted contractual conflict, political unrest or anything else.

The site may go offline at any time without notice, whether for a few minutes or indefinitely. In such an instance, the purchase of your membership or payment of sponsorship will have only entitled you to content up to such time with no compensation, refund, promotional consideration or compensation available thereafter.

Although members are entitled to the site's content free of advertisements, we reserve the right to promote intra-site items, such as merchandise or additional features and benefits, premium features or other products or services directly related to Tek Jansen. The extension of advertisement-free content does not pertain to all pages exactly as they appear to general readers, but rather to chapters and glossary entries. These features may and very likely will appear in a very different format than the standard design of the publicly available website. The "ad-free" version may also contain specific links to specific pages or sites, but will not under any circumstances include off-site promotional ad banners, popups, or any form of animated promotional media. The comments of other readers are not included in this offering, and if it is desired to read them, may require subscribers to visit standard site pages which are advertisement accessible.

There is no assurance of literary quality, content length or quantity, nor story outcome implied to the purchasers of subscriptions.

No warranty is implied for the use of proper grammar, spelling, punctuation or other linguistic rules. The body of work is one of science fiction and may employ any number of artistic licenses and take any number of liberties with the use of language.

All readers, members, adminstrators, moderators and advertisers must agree with our privacy policy prior to any use, subscription, purchase of advertisements or reciept of sponsorship.

All readers, users, members, administrators, moderators and other persons agree to take no steps or actions in an attempt to vandalize, hack, deface, delete, destroy or otherwise devalue this site. This includes but is not limited to denial of service attacks, hacking, spamming, code manipulation, unauthorized administration login, unauthorized use of member emails or contact information, false representation to hosts, advertisers, administrators, moderators or other site related professionals, or anything else that could be construed as illegal, unethical, detrimental, abusive or destructive.

We may employ third-party trackers for web traffic and page popularity statistics such as Google Analytics or Stat Counter, but all of these will always be fully disclosed on the privacy policy page. These will only be employed by TekJansen.com in order to ascertain traffic, page hits, and anonymous visitor statistics, and is never retained beyond 180-days, and never with any tracking of ISP, email or cookie data.

Many IP Addresses have been permanently banned from ability to participate in the forums and/or on-page comments due to histories of abuse. If you feel you have been unfairly restricted, you may contact us in order to seek a resolution of this matter, but no guaranty is offered in terms of contest period or potential for reinclusion.

If any part of these Terms of Service are found to be erroneous or otherwise not permitted, it will not indicate an entire default of terms mandated, but only counteract the items and terms thusly specified. The remainder of these Terms of Service will remain in effect and fully binding even in the absence of clauses necessarily removed.
Any violation of these Terms of Service may result in your information including IP address being turned over to relevant law enforcement agencies and/or civil prosecution under United States law.

Subscriber/members agree to binding arbitration in advance of court proceedings, and in either case, both parties agree that the losing party will pay all reasonable, related fees and costs to the prevailing party.

These terms may change at any time without notice.

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