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Tek Jansen Privacy Policy

This is an easy one. I don't know your real name and I don't want to know it. I'm sure you're a nice person and all, but I just don't care. It's not that I don't care about you as a person or even as a reader, but that I don't have any desire, reason or intention to connect who you really are with who you are as a reader of this book. The only exception to this is that when a user purchases a lifetime membership, they are required to do so through PayPal. At that time the name of the PayPal user is provided to us. As soon as each account is activated, the name, address, email and other information is purged from the system, retaining only the user name and email address provided to the forums. PayPal retains records on purchases for a longer period of time, for information pertaining to their privacy practices, read them at PayPal.com.

There's only a couple reasons we ever need to collect data from this site or find out who you are, either directly or indirectly, and they are as follows.

As a casual, no-data-submitting reader, we don't track or record any data that can be tied to a specific user. Some of the advertisers on this site might want to make sure you're not lining my pockets with illicit South African Kugerrands or other, more green, American dollars, so they might throw down a cookie or check an IP address to verify that all of our traffic is legitimate. They want to prevent advertisement fraud and well they should, but they also want to limit the number of times they show you the same ad, because even those guys don't want to drown you in ads, just to promote specific items. It's just common sense, really. Also, they may wish to show you geographically targeted ads, so that if you're in Tuscaloosa, they'll show you ads targeted only to Alabama.

If you join the forums, become a member/subscriber or join the unofficial fan club, we do record the information you submit to us, but we still do not and will not use it for commonly unauthorized purposes. We don't sell, barter or otherwise part with names, personal information, IP addresses nor geographic information. We will not even use your contact email address to send you site updates, but your email address may be used by you to recover or reset lost or forgotten passworeds and so you can have a secure login to post discussions within the forums.

When you sign up for additional services and features via www.TekJansen.com, it's only for your benefit, and you are never required to provide a "real name". As stated above, if you purchase a lifetime membership through PayPal, we will not retain the name or information of the remitting account more than 24-hours.

In short, we have no business in knowing who you are, caring nor selling said information to anyone else.

If you decide to sign up for the fan club or membership/subscription (and I can't say as I'd blame you, who would?) or to post to the forums, you can rest assured that your data will remain secure, that we'll never sell it or otherwise transfer it to anyone else, and that we have no use for it personally outside of using it to provide you with a secure login to our system for whatever purposes you see fit. I'll never spam you and I'll always make it as effortless as possible to subscribe and unsubscribe from any lists you may join.

It's just that simple. I believe in freedom and you, good America, are entitled to the same rights as I am. Only I'm famous, but that doesn't mean I'll get all Republican on you. I'm still a regular person like you, and you, as I'm sure you know by now, are a hero.

We may further employ third-party statistic and analytics in order to determine page popularity, referrer quality and visitor paths. These companies may include StatCounter and Google Analytics or others. If you have questions or concerns about the privacy policies of these firms, please read them directly through the respective websites. Further, if you have a concern after having read them, readers are encouraged to share these concerns either through our contact page or for fastest response, through our member forums.

If you have any problems or grievances, you can send an email to us directly via the feedback page and a member of our administration or staff will respond to you as quickly as possible during regular business hours.

If you need to read our disclaimer, copyright, or Terms of Service, please do so by clicking these links.

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