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    Oh, and if you still doubt the legitimacy of this official, unofficial, ďfan siteĒ, consider that weíre eight months online, have shown pages to a half million readers, and have not been shut down, injuncted, warned or given any sort of lecture. Furthermore, if Iím not who I (havenít explicitly) implied that I might (or might not) have been, base your decision on whether or not you like the book, which I know you do, because you are a proud, smart person who knows value and supports truth as much as truthiness, and with the facts aside, whatever they may be, you have to admit that this book really does feel true. Beyond that, well, you're reading this page far enough down to get to this line of text, so there you go, your denial has lost its muster.

    Don't worry though, there's a whole section of the forums dedicated to entertaining you doubting Thomii and all your myriad concerns.

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