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The main site of TekJansen.com shows advertisements, but all the content is available without ads to lifetime members, plus premium content such as complete chapters and all of the latest releases as well. There's over of content already available to lifetime members.

Become a lifetime member and never see an ad to read the content, unless you really want to, of course.

For $24 you will get everything Tek Jansen you could possible want, short of the actual book in your hands.

  • Read every page of all available chapters, not just the excerpts available on the main site.
  • Read all the new chapters before anyone else, as they come available, with no ads of any kind.
  • Read all Glossary terms without ads, frustrating page-breaks, and always in advance of non-member readers.
  • Enjoy a new chapter (or significantly revised past chapter) at an expected pace of every other week until the whole taleís been told.
  • Enjoy private forum discussions with the author, behind the scenes information and hints about Easter eggs not available to non-members.
  • Although membership will require you to provide limited personal information, none of it will be used for anything other than allowing you access to the portions of the site that you have paid for.

  • The pages you'll have access to as a member will not be the exact same as the ones publicly available. They will contain all the content of the chapters and glossary, but may or may not offer a different set of reader comments, polls or other items that apply to the free version of the site. The point of membership is to give you absolutely every last scrap of the chapters and glossary, as well as to afford you additional content, creative and design input, and behind-the-scenes material you can't get anywhere else.

    Don't delay, join now!

    Whatís still free?

    And if you arenít up to the challenge of paying for your Tek just yet, donít feel bad. Hereís what Iím willing to offer everyone, regardless of whether or not they become premium members.

  • Several complete past content will remain available,
  • All new Glossary entires will be available, though it may lag a week or two behind its availability to lifetime members.
  • A large and growing library of User-Submitted content.
  • All of the Easter eggs the site has to offer, though without the hints you may desire.
  • Don't delay, join now!

    Oh, and if you still doubt the legitimacy of this official, unofficial, ďfan siteĒ, consider that weíre eight months online, have shown pages to a half million readers, and have not been shut down, injuncted, warned or given any sort of lecture. Furthermore, if Iím not who I (havenít explicitly) implied that I might (or might not) have been, base your decision on whether or not you like the book, which I know you do, because you are a proud, smart person who knows value and supports truth as much as truthiness, and with the facts aside, whatever they may be, you have to admit that this book really does feel true. Beyond that, well, you're reading this page far enough down to get to this line of text, so there you go, your denial has lost its muster.

    Don't worry though, there's a whole section of the forums dedicated to entertaining you doubting Thomii and all your myriad concerns.

    Before you complete your decision to subscibe as a member, of course, you'll have to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions that affect your sage purchase and participation in the site.

    (You can also see the graphic inspired by this page.

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