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Whether we're talking about the Colbert Report, Strangers with Candy, Harvey Birdman or that rag Jon Stewart runs, you'll find it all in here. All of it, and then some... no, actually just all of it.

Colbert Nation - A pseudo fan site dedicated to pseudo kissing my ass, which it does very faux well. So how do the real fans balance the "real" sites? This one, which clearly has no involvement from Comedy Central and may not even be me, or that one, which is plainly owned, operated and pimped out like a nickel whore by the corporate giants, but I clearly have no ownership over? America, you decide!
Colbert Nation (dot net) - While not actually affiliated with the true Colbert Nation, this site is still a reasonable testination on the interweb. Hey, it's got the Colbert mug slathered all over it, how bad could it be?
The Daily Show - Ever heard of it? It's fairly popular, I was on it for a little while, might have earned an award or six... Won? Oh, the Colbert's don't "win" awards, we earn them.
Strangers with Candy Fansite - If you don't know Strangers with Candy, you might be retarded. Hell, I've got twenty on the IQ spread says your pushing the bottom end of the 80's, and I don't mean Flock of Seagulls. This fan site pays greater tribute to the show than my appearance in it ever did, but I pretty much phoned it in so there you go.
Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law - I'm not usually one to push sites for the people who own the stuff, but Adult Swim really does a bang up job, HA HA! Bang up.
Wikipedia's "Ted Hitler" Bio Page - Even though Wikipedia is generally filled with half-truths, lies and dirty lies, this particular page happens to be dead on the money, and I should know, it's all about Stephen Colbert... or rather, Ted Hitler.
Wikipedia's Colbert Report Page - Even though it's just a page about my off-primetime, cable news and opinion show, this entry at Wikipedia represents an action of democracy... in action. For that alone it should deserve mention in these links pages, but I prefer to point out the real reason it's here, and that is that it is by its very definition, a thing Colbert.

The Real It-Getters
If you're a fan of Colbert, you get me and you get it. Here's just some of the many sites from people who get it.

Asimov's - While I can't say 100% I get the whole "Asimov's" thing, I can say that they get me, and in the end, isn't that reason enough to provide a link to them?
Humorless Intellectual - What can I say, we were asked nicely, checked it out, and yep, this site gets it.
It's French, Bitch - Since this site is technically (literally and metaphysically) a blog it was my first inclination to put it in the "your blog here" category, but no. I can't do that. You see, 2Most 2Trusted is a blog, but she gets it. She's all about the Colbert and that makes her both a hero, and an it-getter, and that deserves special mention.
The Loony Show - Even though they haven't sent the world's largest gaggle of traffic our way, I know they were the first of all the sites to prominently feature one of our pair of handsome ad banners in the 468x60 size to promote us. Could you agree that they "get it"?
The Unofficial Colbert Report Website - An unofficial website created by an it-getter for other it-getters. Features Colbert quote, the Wrd, ample truthiness, and so much more.
Mr. Satire - It's strange, they haven't featured our content or had anything to do with us in tangible ways, but Mr. Satire has been linking to us since we were about ten-days old. They were frankly our first corporate sponsor, and we've loved them for it. Not in measurable ways, just by saying that we do on here. Come on, I'm a star, doesn't that count for more than enough?

On Notice / Dead to Me
Maybe I like your site, but you don't get it. Maybe you can't see the forest for the "me" or maybe you're just an owl or swirling black hole at the center of the universe. Usually these sorts of things bear only ignoring, but sometimes the offense is so great I have to share it with the world. In these cases you're either on notice or dead to me, but no matter what, your link is in here.

College Humor - Not an "it getter" by a damned site, but this locale on the webosphere is a fine place to wile away the minutes and hours of a life, most speficically a collegiate one. There's articles, interesting links, and just about everything you could ever hope to find... except of course for links to Tek Jansen. No, about that they're still a bunch of dirty, stingy, non appreciative bastards, if you can believe that... I know I can.
The Falling Apart - This site is a blog, and it SEEMS to get it, but it doesn't. These guys stole whole pages from me without credit, then whole CHAPTERS without credit. I saw a bloggo-cop even asked where it came from, but nothing. It wasn't until I went there myself like "come on man, what gives with stealing and not linking back" that he FINALLY posted a small, subtle link suggesting people might want to think about checking out this site... didn't even mention his theft, didn't even take a step to correct it... what's that all about? You're dead to me, Falling Apart. Dead to me.
IMDB.com - These guys got me pegged from my days of Exit 57 right through my appearance as the Letter Z on Sesame Street's All-Star Alphabet video. But they don't have a picture posted because they want cash to give their readers what we all know they want... Dead to me.

Your Blog Here
If you blog, are a blogger or have blogged about this site, this is the place to add it, if I haven't already added it for you, that is.

All Imperfect Things - From day something these guys have been linking to me as their "link of the day", so what else should I do? Ignore them? Send them a gift basket? Ask you guys to send a gift basket on my behalf? No, instead I'll just suggest you check them out. I would, and hell, I even did.
Clunky Robot - Clunky Robot found us early, linked us hard and left us wet... and that's something we look for in a blog, no?
It Getters - The blog with Gravitas!
Simpson & Snatch - What more could I say that the name doesn't imply? It's the sexiest duo of unliscensed assisstant private detectives this side of the mighty Mississip'... probably on the other side too, couldn't say, don't go there as much.
Vincit Veritas - Oh this lady gets it. She gets it good and she blogs all over it, all in one foul swoop... HA HA, foul! ps - Sorry I thought you were a dude.

Perfect Time Wasters
Just that. Got time, need to get rid of it, check out these fine Tek Jansen approved time wasting websites, but don't come crying to me when half your day is gone.

Attu Sees All - Attu Sees All is not for the faint of heart. No, it's something much bigger, uglier and prettier than that. It's the penultimate blog to end all second to last blogs, the one you'd go to right before the rapture. It's also not for those under 18 as it undeniably contains not just links to that which is adult, but also the very content which verily defines adulthood... and by that I mean hot boobies... I'm all about the boobies, America, don't get me wrong.
Humor Feed - In their "Soup of the Day" feature they listed Tek Jansen as a good place to visit, though I got the distinct impression they wouldn't want to live here. More than that they had the audacity to label this site as "fan fiction" which it clearly might not be. They aren't a true getter of "it", but they are a good place to waste some time, especially if you like fake news and what not to the like... and who doesn't?
The Best Satire Awards - If you think fake news is somehow better than real news, this is a pretty good place to start your day... with the best of the best of the worst. Dig it, good people, but don't blame me when you fall in love, I just wanted you to get a piece.

If you know of a link that should appear on this page, let us know through the feedback page, but be advised that it may take a very special link and a reasonable amount of time before your link may be added.

But if it's your website that you want us to link to, you had damned well better have a prominent link pointing back to us before you even think about asking. This ain't a free-traffic farm around here, this is a biznass, biznitch.

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