Help Tek Jansen in his plot from the future to take over this ancient world!

Want to help out the cause but just aren't sure how?

You like what you're reading, and I can't blame you, but you're not satisfied to just read it, are you? You want to do more and I can't blame you. It's a perfectly reasonable feeling because you're a hero and as a hero, you deserve the right to do more for your favorite book.

Tell your friends
That's an easy start, right? You like what you see, you want to spread the good word of Tek, just do it. There's an email this page link on almost every page, so take a second and email your friends, family, coworkers and those you met casually at a party. They'll thank you for it, and so will I.

Blog about it
If you're a blogger, and by sheer statistics I can deduce that you are, blog about this site. You don't have to say it's sheer brilliance, even though we both know it is. That's no matter, just put out to your handful or millions of readers that you like my book enough to blog about it. It's pretty easy, and believe it or not it really does help.

Make some graphics for the site;
The site isn't very rich in terms of graphics so far, but it should be. I don't have the time or the resource, but maybe you do. Also I don't have the Teknikal wherewithal, but that's another matter. If you have the capacity to make the site more rich, interesting or just a bit less embarrassing, I hope you'll consider doing it.

Images for pages of the book. Think Digital Blasphemy meets Hubble Telescope meets Tek Jansen. If you've got that kind of skill, don't be uptight about it. Read a page, let the images fill your head and flow to your workspace. That's all it takes, really. Make a grand old image for a page and post it to the forums, letting me know for what chapter and page it is for. Heck, I'll even provide a link to you beneath it if it means that much to you. Why? Because it means that much to me.

Make Ads, either real or fake animated or still, intersting or mundane. We'd love to have more banners and buttons that link to this site, whether animated or not, and beyond that we'd love to see some inter-site banner ads. Something like "check out", or even better, "Subscribe to Tek Jansen... if you've got the balls." You get the idea, or at least I assume you do, if you have the balls... and I just know you do.

Subscribe to Tek Jansen.
Subscribe man, it's easy. It costs $24 lifetime and you'll get to see the whole site without advertisements (which are annoying, I'll admit it) and you'll always be the first to know when new material is posted. Mind you, this feature is actually enabled yet, but it's interesting and something I'd strongly consider. But let's say you've done this already, you can't do it because it isn't possible, or you just aren't up to it, consider the following suggestion;

Donate to
Seriously, just drop me a buck or thousand. PayPal makes it easy and every bit helps. Even these days scifi writers can't hope for much better than a dime a word, but I'll tell you, thus far, on this venture, I am way, way, way below that mark. It's sad, really it is. I know this is good material and I've read enough to know. This is good stuff, but I can understand why it's not the biggest and best thing in town. Heck, even my agent has had a tough go of pushing this book and he's technically a professional. So be a pal and drop me a couple bucks. It won't hurt, it may likely feel quite good, and at the very least you'll be giving your money to a worthy cause... more Tek Jansen.

Sign up for the forums and speak your mind.
It's the easiest of all the options. Just click a couple buttons, sign up and make the magic happen. Join the forums and post your thoughts. Join the growing community that is Tek Jansen (dot com). There's some really great people in here, or so I'm told, and you belong amongst our ranks.

Post comments on the stories, rate them and vote in the polls.
How much easier do you want me to make it? I could try to make it easier for you, but to do so would be a discredit to you. It's just about effortless - read something, like it, post a comment or vote. You don't even have to be signed up to do it.

Post some links to our links page
If you've got favorites out there, pay them their due credit and post a link to them. As long as they aren't spammy or porny, we'll approve the links. We just want to be in touch with our biggest fans and connect with them however we may.

Get this site in the Wiki
Wikipedia is clearly a good, smart and undeniably brilliant thing. It's not that it has more errors than a traditional encyclopedia, it's that it doesn't suck like a hard copy has to. Encyclopedia Britannica looks better on my shelf than it did in my checkbook ledger, but the real problem is I'm not in it. Not my books, not any of my sites, none of my television shows, and worst of all, it doesn't include me.

It's awful, I know. I'd go post my own entry in the Wikipedia for Alpha Squad 7 - Lady Nocturne - A Tek Jansen Adventure, but there's very strict guidelines on posting articles about yourself. Not strict enough to graduate from "guideline" to "rule", but I'm all about the spirit of the guideline, so I'll leave it up to you. That and I really don't have the time and I'm hardly an expert on what my own book is about. Sign up for something else It's all spelled out on the contribution page, but if you don't already have Mozilla FireFox, do yourself a favor and download it now. If you're a webmaster, check out our webmaster page and take a look at the things we like. Fastclick is good, Google Adsense is good. By the time you read this there may be even more, but either way, it's worth a look and signing up for any of those fine services would put at least a couple nickels in our pockets.

But no matter what, just by having read this far down the page, you are surely already a big help. That's because you like what I'm saying and you get it. But if you really get it, and if you have at least one of the standard pair of balls, you'll go back to the top, read this page again and take some action.

You do that and I'll promise you this... I'll keep posting more chapters, deal?

Make a Flash Animation game

I enjoy a good game almost as much as I enjoy a terrible game, but I have no idea how to make one. That doesn't mean I don't want one made, it just means I'd rather see you do it for me. Can you make one? Do you want to? What would it even be about? And while I'm asking questions of no one in particular, what elements would you like to see in a Tek Jansen Macromedia Flash adventure game?

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