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If you’re a big fan of Alpha Squad 7: Lady Nocturne: A Tek Jansen Adventure and you want to read the complete text, but can’t bring yourself to pony up the scant $24 (or don’t have the ability to send funds via PayPal), we offer ways you can earn your lifetime membership at absolutely no cost to you.

Easter Eggs

Dig, dig, dig and dig some more. We have a unique program within our Easter egg series. There is a series of pages on this site, and they're all very cleverly hidden to various degrees, that contain instructions to redeem your free Lifetime Membership.

If you're especially diligent, it is not impossible. It may be a word linked without an underline, an invisible image in the body of a page, a link that normally points to another place, a page or image obscured by something else, an image, frame or other cascading item that may or may not be entirely visible or obvious, a page that only shows up intermittently, contained within an image or inside the alt text of an image, a small portion of a bigger graphic, the sort of thing that only shows up slowly in an OnMouseOver, text that only appears on a single page, something buried inside what appears to be an advertisement, or even something else entirely. You just don't know, but there's a ton of them, that much I can promise you for sure.

The idea is that some people really love to scrutinize the details of every page they read, and if you’re anything like me, you find hidden links all the time. There’s a bunch of links on this site right now that point to cleverly hidden pages that contains your instructions for earning your free Lifetime Membership, all you have to do is find them.

And once each page is found, it will be noted as such, and another more will be hidden for the next reader to find, so your chances are always good, but as time goes on they’ll only get more and more difficult to find. Please note that as many as one (1) free lifetime membership can be given out each week.

There will always be TWELVE free membership Easter eggs hidden on the site that have not been claimed. Each time one is found, we will replace it with a different one within the site. That means there is never a better time to go looking for one than right now.

METHOD ONE-DOT-FIVE: Create Novel Covers

I can't possibly hope to explain the whole thing in here, but if you go check out the full forum post on the topic, you'll get all the details you need to know how to whip up a few dummy novel covers and get yourself a free membership.

METHOD TWO: Brokish Links
Method temporarily not offered

There are hundreds of pages on TekJansen.com (with many more added each week) with literally thousands of links pointing here and there to, well, to hundreds of pages. If you want to earn your free membership by helping us test out pages and links, we’d love to have your help in finding them all so we can fix them.

If you can find five (5) dead links within the site, you’ll get a free membership! Here’s the conditions:
1 - Links may be broken or point to an incorrect or missing page.
2 - Links may be anywhere on the site except for "Administration", "Admin-Action", forums and old PHPNuke pages (if you find them you won't mistake them for anything else. This part of the site is left running for posterity).
3 - Links pointing to outside sites will count only if our link is broken, but not due to errors on the other site’s pages.

Just find five of those throughout our pages and you’re ready to request your free lifetime membership. Find the pages, save the URLs, and go to this forum thread to post your findings. List the pages with the broken links and tell us which ones are broken, and request your free upgrade to Lifetime Member… it’s just that easy.

It’s our hope that out of the many thousands of links on the site that there aren’t at least five that are broken or point to incorrect places, but we know better, and once you point out these mistakes, we’ll take them and give you your due.

In either case, happy hunting and we look forward to hearing from you soon in the forums!

METHOD TWO-DOT-Oh-DOT-ONE: Join the forums

If you're a real fan of the book, join the forums and make yourself a part of our community. We're not a megolith, but we're tight as the weave of polyester. We've already granted free membership to more than one active member of the forums who wouldn't, couldn't or otherwise didn't want to buy their membership.

Sign up, join in, make your voice heard and make some friends in the community. We routinely ask our most senior members the opportunity to offer membership to junior contributors. Don't just sign up and ask, you'll almost surely be slaughtered for that. Join in the conversation and let your voice be heard. We don't show any ads on the forums, so we won't profit from your participation, but if you have one of those so-called brains in your head, our members would love to hear your proof of it. Who know, you might even get yourself a free membership out of the deal.

METHOD THREE: Everything Else

Generate a virtual ton of user-submissions. If you can't stomach the frustrations inherent to seeking out incorrect links or the hunting of hidden pages (or if you've found only ones that have already been claimed,) there is yet one last option. You can submit a virtual ton of user-submitted content.

Mind you, this is a difficult way, but still offered on a per-case basis.

Before it's explained, let's dispell a myth that came up in focus groups. The myth is that we "just wanna make money off your work", and I can understand that notion, but it's not based in even the remotest sort of informed, factual actuality. A lifetime membership only costs $24 and the average page of a website in the modern era only generates something on the order of a dollar per 10,000 reads. That means that the page we're asking you to submit would have to generate in excess of 240,000 unique, individual reader views just to break even on us using your content... I hope this doesn't break your heart, but if you submit pages and we use them, even if you submit a bunch of them, they are very, very, very unlikely to ever enjoy more than about 10,000 readers over the entire lifetime of readership... this means we're technically losing money, and quite a bit of it, every time we extend such a free membership offer... so why do we do it?

As mentioned above, there are those who lack the ability to purchase memberships online and those who simply object to doing so on a personal level, no matter how affordable or valuable it may be. Those are both terrible reasons, but I've personally been "that guy" in both cases, so I guess I can understand it. If you are "that guy" (gal, person or mineral) we've still got this option reserved here just for you.

Here's what you can do:

  • Submit 5 ad banners and/or photoshop images. If you want to do PhotoShops, read through the chapters available, find a theme, concept, character, future noun or plot point that resonates with you, and make a graphic. Submit it in as high of resolution as you like, we can always scale it down (but never scale it up) and we'll put it to a vote. If you want to make a banner instead, it should ideally be an animated GIF with a filesize of 50kb (but not more than 100kb) in a standard size of 120x600, 160x600 or 300x250. Sizes other than these may not be considered, since they may not actually be useful.

    All graphics submitted will be subject to review and approval by a simple majority of voting members. That's not a bad thing, it's good. You just need to make them fun, lively, representative of how much fun you are, and the members will surely love you to bits. So long as the majority of voting members approve your graphics for use on the site, you'll be in like Flynn.

    All submissions become the property of www.TekJansen.com and may be used on this site, in promotional materials of any sort, and in any other affiliated venture or media endeavor as we see fit.

  • Submit 4 articles, blog entries or other newsy-type non-fiction or fan-fiction. Look through our USER-SUBMISSIONS and get a good understanding of how it is that fan-fiction, member articles or any such other written items are accepted. They are typically very well written, tie in with Tek Jansen almost directly, and are of highest interest to the general reading public, whether they know of this site already or not. Any articles you would submit should fit this bill. If you're in doubt about what to write, go look at those sections of the user-submitted section and read around to get a better feel.

    All submissions become the property of www.TekJansen.com and may be used on this site, in promotional materials of any sort, and in any other affiliated venture or media endeavor as we see fit.

  • Bring in 20,000 readers. That's right, you heard me, bring in 20,000 unique readers. You can post a link in your blog or on your MySpace, LiveJournal or any other site as you see fit. I know 20,000 may seem high to you, but we enjoy that many unique readers a day, so if you do this, it will only increase our monthly traffic by 2-3%, which isn't much in terms of what we're already providing. If you're looking to do this, please let us know in advance so we can track the progress of your work. Once this traffic is provided and verified, your free membership will be granted immediately with no limitations as to how many, how often and to whom they will be granted. Traffic will, however, be verified for legitimacy in terms of browser, IP, cookie review and conversion rates. (In other words, if you send in 20,000 readers and ZERO become paid members, we'll know that you faked the traffic and your membership will not be granted.

  • Sign up four paid members. This is arguably hardest or easiest of all the free-membership methods. If you can find four people who have purchased subscriptions because of you, your own membership will be granted for free. Just that, very straightforward. Send a Private Message through the forums to WEBGUY with the user names of the members you have signed up. This will be verified and, assuming it is true, your membership will be granted.

    In order to prevent further rampant attempts at fraud and abuse of this method, try to solicit members who signed up after you did. There are indeed those scammers who have tried to steal a free membership by naming a half-dozen existing members that joined many months before them... needless to say, this didn't work out. Don't try it, it's a waste of our time and you will not be smiled upon.

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