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It may sound easy to be a fan of Tek Jansen, but don't worry, it is. You're only on this page because you understand these works, you get it, and you're as close as I'm going to get to finding a true hero on the internet. So for you I'll make it real easy.

If you want to be a real fan, sign up for a lifetime membership on this site. You'll have access to the forums and be able to leave comments on pages you agree with, disagree with or that otherwise make you salivate from your wisest, wettest jowls. You'll get contact before anybody else, be able to read all of the available chapters of the book (without ads, I might add,) and have the privege of correcting my plot holes and spelling errors before the general public even knows they've been made. More importantly you'll have the uncommon privilege of being a true fan. That's not something you should take lightly, I promise I won't.

As a TrueFan (TM) you'll have first crack at all the news, chapters and other content as it becomes available. You'll get periodic updates that tell you the latest news with the book and when you'll see more of it; but, more than that, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that I know that you're a Truefan (TM).

So wake up America (or citizens of worldly and America-fearing status) and join my ever-growing nation. It's easy, just sign up for an account, pay the lifetime fee, and keep coming back for more. I promise I'll dole it out until the attorneys make me stop or otherwise convince me I'm breaking a law, one of my many contracts, or just plain being silly.

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