Download the Ebook of Alpha Squad 7: Lady Nocturne: A Tek Jansen Adventure Now

I know what you're thinking, "hey, I'm already a big enough fan, I'm sold. I'll take the book right now." But listen, you don't have to tell me the book is pure, barely-bridled genius, I know that. The only problem is that it doesn't seem like the "suits" in New York have quite gotten the message just yet.

If you're amongst the masses who want to skip the drawn out process of waiting chapter by chapter, wouldn't it be great if you could just download the whole thing right now or buy the oversized paperback version of it? I promise I'd let you do it for bargain basement prices, but unfortunately, it's just not that easy; not yet.

But it is a little easier than it was. We've had a number of users note that they don't like reading tens of trees worth of material on their pul-free computer monitor. Some say it's an unfriendly format, others that they want the luxury of being able to read it effortlessly online, and still others that their time on the intercomputerator should be spent viewing bandwidth-intensive media such as video clips or many, many gigs of adult material, and these suggestions have not gone unheard.

Since the "book deal" has not in fact been announced, we have a hurdle in our way. The actual book hasn't been, what you might call or how you might say, "fully edited" yet. For that matter it hasn't been "fully transcribed" from my hand written drafts yet, or, if you want to be really nitty and picky, it hasn't actually been what some might call "finished being written" as of yet, as some might like to point out.

No, the only way the book is getting out right now is kibble by bit by bit by bit, I'm afraid. And I mean, I am afraid, but not of this. No I have just one great fear in this life, and I think you might already know what that is.

So until the book is done, this is as close to an ebook as you're going to get, sadly. But is it really that sad? Is it? It isn't, I'll tell you.

But you can get the next best thing: (still, read down to the end)
Currently you can read the first three chapters and a smattering of other tasty chapters, plus the first page of all the other chapters along the way and all of the available glossary terms, and all for the unbelievably low, introductory price, of free. That's enough to give you a good taste of what's in store, but to read the really magical fun, you need only sign up as a lifetime member.

Lifetime members enjoy all of the Tek Jansen content without ads or frustrating page breaks and get each new chapter as they become available. It's the next best thing to having the book in your hands and you'll be supporting a cause you already seem to believe in, at least based on how far you're willing to read down on a given page, specifically this one, which really isn't all that interesting by any estimation.

What's the short-term fix? All lifetime members of the site will be able to download a full-ebook of the material once the book deal is announced and a publication date is set. This means that, although the book hasn't yet been completed online, any paid member of the site will be able to easily download the 100% incomplete ebook, read it, save it, print it out to lessen the doldrums of mass commuting, or otherwise do as you see fit. The book will be made available as a single, print-ready document, and versions will be routinely updated to reflect all updates, changes, additions and modifications to date.

For more about this program, check out our forums to read all about it.

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