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Tek Jansen has more Easter Eggs than the Resurrection Bunny and Homestar Runner Combined

Do you like Easter Eggs or want to know what they are?

Every April children are invited to search, hunt and peck for Easter eggs. Itís not because theyíre particularly delighted by the excretions of fowl, nor that they prefer their huevos hard boiled, but because they love finding something hidden, something secret, something delightful thatís been planted just for them, just for their own private enjoyment.

If youíre new to software, the internet or other sorts of babbling most engeekerous, you may not know about the adult version of Easter eggs. No, theyíre not all nudey and offensive, but they are age-appropriately difficult to find, and this Tek Jansen website has more of them than just about anyone else in the business.

Easter eggs were originally conceived by programmers who wanted a way to prove that a piece of software was indeed their own in ways that a knockoff company couldnít reasonably discover, uncover and counteract. If an unscrupulous competitor said, ďI know this piece of software looks exactly like yours, but I assure you, itís my own creation,Ē the rightful owners could say, ďOh yeah, what happens if you hit CTRL+R+F9,Ē only to reveal that the software was stolen.

These days itís a very different game, this Easter egg business. I love baby Jesus as much as Iíd pay my fortune to time travel and marry that cuckoo Virgin Mary, despite my so-called wife. Things have changed with baby Jesus, especially with that damned Heresy of Judas thing National Geographic is so proud of (come on, they show pictures of bare African boobies on a regular basis, and I donít mean the birds.) So too has changed the heritage of Easter eggs and www.TekJansen.com is on the forefront of it.

We have embraced Easter eggs and we have employed them.

The way it works with a website is fortunately simpler and less impossible than the resurrection of the promised son of God. What we do is create pages of text for the content hungry reader. I canít tell you where to find them, but I can tell you that there is over 100 hidden pages on this site, all of which have been written, designed and created with you, the insatiably hungry reader, in mind.

If you want to find the best hidden content this site has to offer, click around the various pages, hover your mouse over things that may or may not lead you somewhere strange, and donít be afraid, theyíve been written with you in mind.

Where can you find these hundred extra pages of content? You know, here and there, around. Nowhere Iím willing to disclose in this page, but somewhere for sure. And unlike the lead pages that have been seen a quarter million times, most of these pages have been read by fewer than a dozen readers, and theyíre just sitting there waiting for your discovery.

And if you think I'm making all this up, go read the Wikipedia Easter Eggs article about it, that ought to catch you up to speed.

Also, if you find something you think is really rare, maybe you should shoot us an email to let us know what you think of itÖ big waste of your time? Ridiculously entertaining? Broken link to a broken page? You just tell me.

And happy hunting.

But if you really want your hunting to be happy, check out our Free Membership Easter egg program. There's currently TWELVE pages hidden that may give you your free membership, if you can find them.

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(paying the bills)

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