Distribution Opportunity Information for TekJansen.com

As much fun as this run has been, distribution has now been secured and the book is already on the calendar for a scheduled release. If you are a publisher and you'd like to throw your hat in the ring, please be advised that this ship has already sailed.

But if you're mad crazy and want to bid so much as to usurp our present distribution schedule, go for it. Just use the feedback page to contact us, but you'd better make it interesting, both because that email account is infrequently checked, but also because we're within mere minutes of a final contract for the mass distribution of the final book.

Even as of today there's over available, and the remainder is already done (or mostly done) and that doesn't even count the ever-growing glossary, which has tons of entries, many tons more pending for publication, and many, many more beyond that that need to be defined.

And since you've now read this entire page, I bid you good day and I await your correspondence.

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