Thanks to everyone who has believed in me, helped me, showed me their senses of humor and built me up to who I have become. Thanks to Paul, Amy and everyone else from the Strangers crew. Thanks to Jon and all the writers from TDS and CR, and to all correspondents past and present.

Thanks to that random guy in the hallway who keeps telling me how much I rock even though I'm not sure I've ever known his name, to my barista who keeps me jacked up morning to night, and of course to Fritz Lieber, Stephen R. Donaldson, Michael Moorcock, Douglas Adams, Gary Gagyx and Dave Arneson, without all of whom I could never have completed this dream, this book or indeed even high school.

I have more thanks I want to offer, and that's to the launch-era fans of this book. To Mary who rocks Adult Swim, to Cathy who has tried to promote me to my own fans (who wouldn't listen), to Myst and Puppet Hunter, dichotomous whipper-snappers who wage war on Tek's behalf, both of whom still seem to love/hate me, and to all the lesser sponsors who've made the project come to life. You're not "lesser" in my book, even though I just labeled you as such, you're only lesser on this lone page of my site, and nobody believes anything they read on the internet, even though it must always, surely be true.

Thanks also to all the advertisers, sponsors and lifetime members who have bought into my dream. I have loved writing this book and savor sharing it with such a gracious and helpful audience. This album's going platinum and there's no way I could ever do it without all of you.

If you think you deserve thanks but aren't listed on this page, post it below as a comment and I'll add you as needed. There's more people I need to thank than I can remember off the cuff, so let's get you listed while there's still plenty of time.

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