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Definition of the word: Vice-Dictator

Vice-Dictator - A person or position of authority that is entirely alike the dictator position, but with sufficient plausible deniability for horrific crimes against humanity, nature and physics that he may himself be eligible for his own subsequent, ticket-leading election, selection or heralded bloody coup.

It's important to point out that a vice-dictator is always a "he" because it was found upon the regoogled genetic folding of the humanish genome that females are inherently incapable of vice-dictatorship, as the position is entirely self-serving and masses-defiling, while devoid of the needed accolades to make it a worthwhile position without the benefit of a deficient gender chromosome. Vice-dictatorial nature is a recessive trait, so females are highly unlikely to acquire the needed deficiency to exhibit the characteristics. Those few who have aspired to the position have also been curiously color-blind.

Many vice-dictators have gone on to greater positions of power as duly appointed and anointed dictators in their own wrong rights. Historians have instead suggested they are undeserving and should be shunned by readers of the infallible historical ledger. Many have gone on to petition Saint Peter for posthumous damnation, but their respective roles in the shaping of galactic history are so important that such assertions can not be considered. Since the overwhelming majority of vice-dictators are already dead, it's argued instead that their death should have been sufficient punishment. Further, all but the scant handful of immortal dictators and vice-dictators are assured a demise, whether timely or untimely, so detractors are encouraged to rest assured that they will all face their own form of justice soon enoughÖ except, of course, for the immortal ones.

For an example of this word used in context, read this page.

See also: ignorance, liar, jackwad, twaddle.

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