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Definition of the word: Jackhole

Jackhole - Holes belonging conspicuously and openly to the hindquarters of persons who are, or are largely believed to be, themselves a jackwad or member of a larger, collective group of jackwads. These are the holes from which the jackwads greatest iniquities spew forth, whether in the form of propaganda, dogma or other more literal sorts of projectile primate feces.

In practical terms no one actually speaks of literal jackholes any more than they place tongues upon them, which is more common than any decency-aspiring governing body would ever admit, but still very few. In practical terms a jackhole is a person who spouts so much absurdity from either end of his or her gastrointestinal tract that they can no longer be referred to as an individual, but rather as the prominent hole from which their malodorous emissions originate.

For example, you might refer to a politician as a "baseless jackhole who's plainly taking money from extra-terrestrial interests in order to further mining on a utopian moon." You can say this, and you can be dead right, even though in fact his or her filibuster is more likely to have come from the mouth than from the explicitly implied ass-port, which is often hard-pressed to make such needed days of uninterrupted noise, regardless of dietary considerations. Also, anuses are uncommonly capable to articulate the needed vowels and consonants to maintain such a filibuster. Though in all fairness, just such a rectal filibuster has occurred no fewer than ten million times across the history of the universe, though few representatives have lived to tell the tale, their organs instead rattled asunder by the countless hours of what ultimately proved to be lethal vibration.

For an example of this word used in context, read this page.

See also: dudefer, jackwad, agent, coward, rectoscrape-a-scan.

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