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Chapter 12 Ė Flashback, Halluciantion or Prophesy (page 1 of 10)

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I was under the spell and felt myself falling backwards, backwards, backwards into the softest lull of my own cozy bed. God Iíve always hated the sensation of falling when Iím just barely asleep.

I was standing on a warm, magenta beach on my home planet, except that it was no home planet Iíd ever known. The sand was soft and fine as it coddled my bare toes, the breeze blew gently in from the water rustling gingerly the leafy fronds behind me. The sun appeared stuck in dusky permanence, the sky lit richly in shades from deepest red to wizardís toga-liner plumb maroon, high, wispy clouds dotted the sky as they crept across it. Everything was so familiar and yet so foreign. This was the tropical moon of Thetis.

No matter how peaceful and insightful these dreams may be, it was always unsettling how things could appear like home, but not home at the same time. The other common discomfort of dream states hadnít reared its head just yet, so I looked down to see if it was present. It was also equally in force; I was only wearing my underpants.

ďWhy do I subject myself to this?Ē I asked in a strangely muffled tone. To my right the beach stretched out to eternity, waves lapping quietly upon it, as if knowing I was looking, as if they would stop the minute they felt I was preoccupied. To my left was a lush, tropical bluff jutting out over the beach a half mile away. A few birds circled high above just before the bluff as if they had found something they were interested in. I looked to beneath them and saw a figure walking up the beach.

It was humanoid, at least in its silhouette. It walked slowly, methodically, looking out over the waves, its garb blowing freely in the tidal wind. As it drew nearer I could see it was the form of a woman and my interest finally returned. ďOh yes,Ē I thought, ďthis is why I come here.Ē

She continued her lazy stroll along the shore, the colors of the sky flitting unhurriedly above her. It was as if the sand spirits that wisped up to greet her outstretch fingertips were courting her, and she smiled and laughed as, playfully, she twirled the breezy sands flirtatiously back. She drew near and as much as I wanted to believe this plaything of my mind was a new stranger for my conquest, it was not, it was Charlize.

It felt like tens of seconds I watched her as she drew near to me, her sultry titters wafting across the humid thickness of the air that divided us. She slowed to a stop, put her feet together and her head down, as if in a pout most perfect, as if she was a bad, bad girl in wait for duly earned punishment. She knew what she had done and she knew what medicine of mine she would have to take.

With lower lip extended, her eyes batting half demurely from beneath her falling, flawless, dark bangs, she sunk her shoulders back slightly. Her lips parted, ďOh how Iíve missed you, Tek.Ē

Weíd both missed each other like so many ships in the nightly blackness of deepest space, but today we were locked in one anotherís sites like so many frozen gazelle in off-road hunting lights. There was no way we could miss our respective targets this time and how good it was to be.

She started a slow, methodic advance towards me, her head still down, her eyes still begging to me through her fallen locks of perfect hair. It was the sort of day you were glad to be from the animal kingdom, but even in my trance state I had the presence of mind to wonder if this was a memory or some sterling sort of prophecy. Was this a vision of things and me to come?

Image appears courtesy of digitalblasphemy.com

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