Chapter 5 – When Presidents Beg (page 4 of 10)

"Get your giganti-mitts off me, you perfectly delicious brute," I said, not even realizing the thick sexual overtones to my statement. My gaze was fixed on her disembarkment. "I'll handle this."

She finished her last step down, turned to the horizon, looked as longingly as a Margwarrian on the cusp of a Food N’ Body buffet comp ticket, flipped her hair and looked back at us as if she knew we were watching and awaiting her. In all fairness and honesty we were. How she could move in slow motion while the world screamed past her was still a mystery to me, but it wasn’t the only secret of hers I longed to unlock... again.

She made her way up the terrestragangplank to the entrance where we all stood staring at her approach with an equal degree of entrancement. She opened the door, stepped inside, flipped her thick, full head of flawless onyx locks once more and said, "Tek, there you are, I need you."

Out of all of us there were three jaws that dropped to the floor as surely as their respective man-wangs sprung towards the ceiling, but I was not among them in either instance.

"What do you want, Charlize," I asked as nonchalantly as I was able. "you know I'm retired."

She slinked up to me in her mono-piece sculptosuit which kept her nethers and thithers fast to her natural body and the places they should be if God were to assign a highest and best place for such forbidden areas… which I promise you He has. The change in temperature from her entrance had put a thin sheen of condensation across her body and there wasn't a man, sentient plant or mineral in the room that hadn't noticed it.

"With all the rushing to meet you his message should have been conveyed," she said, trailing off with her participle dangling precariously from the tip of her full, red, eagerly inviting lips.

I played it as cool as a sea cucumber in the subterranean oceans of Mars. "He said he was coming to talk about whatever and stuff, but I told him whatever and stuff," I indifferently explained with all the cool collection of a pubescent teenager at an orgy.

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