Chapter 3 - State Unrestfull; Ugly, Ugly Peace (page 3 of 3)

A fluttering sound brushed by and a winged wind maiden lit beside me. “It stretches the distance of the planet, Ambassador Jansen, and it will last for many years.”

She couldn’t have weighed more than twenty pounds to her whole five feet of sumptuous, golden glittering height. “Call me Tek.”

She blushed to emerald green and her wings pattered so I thought she might pop right off the balcony. “And who on God’s green New Terra are you?” I asked with insinuation dripping off every bud of my human tongue.

“I am your courtesan,” she said, the sun glinting through her as if she was spun of heavenly silk, which technically she was. “All this celebration is to honor you, and I am to honor you as well.”

I smiled, and though I wanted more than anything to high-five the nearest soldier I could find, I did not.

Though the banners, lapel pins, bumper stickers and t-shirts all bore my strapping image and sung (however dischordally) my brilliant praise, I knew the real reason I was here. It was not to share passionate interludes with demi-fairies from distant worlds, though nothing was going to stop me from that. I was here for the people. They were the ones who inspired me to this greatness, and the challenge of living up to every last ounce of expectation laid out by even the lowliest of beggar and dumbest of child was one I welcomed and exceeded.

Intergalactic peace had been accomplished and I wasn't about to take that other-earthly feat away from anyone, least of all myself. After all, may be just a man, but even at that I am still Tek Jansen; a space adventurer and lady killer like none before.

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