Chapter 2 A Hero He Is, Yes, But Also Still A Man (page 6 of 7)

"Tek. Oh, Tek. Yes, Tek. Yes. Oh, yes, Tek, Yes! Oh, Tek! Yes!"

I teased her senses by blowing my hot, non-garbage-smelling breath across her neck while pouring cold water from the water cooler onto her breasts. The combination of temperatures and sensations only cause her to squirm even more sensually, and to call my name even louder.

"Tek! You make me feel so good! Oh, yes, Tek, I am a woman."

Then, she suddenly cried, "Tek!" We had been lovemaking for over twenty minutes and she could stand it no longer. She screamed in ecstasy, bucking back and forth in an intense climax that went on for several minutes. I allowed myself to peak as well, bursting forth with the powerful essence of my manliness, into the progenophylactic that I was always careful to wear when engaging in any sexual situation.

"You are amazing," sighed Tracy as she buried her face into my shoulder. I held her tightly, feeling the hair standing on end all over her body as she continued to experience the electric sensation of our gentle, genital inter-coupling.

I really liked that kid Tracy. My intention was to lie there on the floor holding her in my arms for the next hour, but at that moment the door behind Tracy's desk slid open with a hiss. From my perspective, all I could see was a pair of leather boots with three-inch heels, but when I heard the sharp yet husky feminine voice exclaim meaningfully, "What has been going on out here?" I knew it could only be the Alpha Squad Commander, Joanna Valentine.

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