Chapter 2 Ė A Hero He Is, Yes, But Also Still A Man (page 5 of 7)

My emotions were mixed. Part of me wanted to immerse myself fully in this strange realm of imaginibation, but the other part of me, the one that wasnít all purple and engorged, was afraid the PGSPP was monitoring this nocturnal transmission. It could cost me a stripe, but I was beyond caring.

I picked up her smoldering body, trembling with desire, easily lifted her over my head and set her down in her desk chair, a soft and comfortable chair made of NeoPeruvian goat leather big enough for two. Her wide, penetratingly brown eyes gazed up at me with a combination of lust, passion, and awe as I plunged on top of her and we began to do it.

Oh thatís right, you read me right, "we" were doing the "it".

Her eyes closed as she gasped with pleasure. I moved expertly with a smooth motion which I knew would slowly build her to the ultimate level of sexual bliss. She made a series of guttural moans and grunts that told me my masterful craftmannery was working perfectly to specifications.

She ran her hands all over my chest, finally pushing me back against her desk. She rose and with a sweep of her arm, swept her desk clear. Her vidmon, interpaging unit, and some work she was doing all fell to the floor with a crash. She laid me back across the geodic glass surface and mounted me, wiggling in rhythm as our mutual enjoyment increased.

The normally busy lobby had been quieted by our mounting passion and passionate mountings. Though they were no more real than the Episcopalian Pope, they had all still stopped to gather and stare.

She said my name, starting with a whisper, and slowly building in intensity as we rolled off of the desk on to the floor, then got up and fell into the reception chair, and over onto the console where we kept the holomags for waiting visitors to read, up against the pneumatic aquarium, coming to rest atop the large, decorative cactus. Sure, it was probably a mistake in the code of the program, but I didnít care.

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