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Chapter 2 Ė A Hero He Is, Yes, But Also Still A Man (page 1 of 7)

I rolled up to the Unirgret kiosk, scanned my credifier across the enpayutron and accepted confirmation of my digireceipt. ďWell,Ē I thought out loud, ďletís see how we can sharpen up that visit.Ē

Unirgret was a clever company with a clever product. They could take any experience from any time in your life and let you experience it again from the inside. A sort of journey inside your head where your retorts are timely and clever, you didnít get robbed by the tin men, and you succeeded in killing your boss.

Itís not just that the fantasies were lifelike, they were much better than that. Many civilizations were saved by its invention as crimes of passion disappeared overnight in favor of reliving them later in a consequence free environment. Of course, many more civilizations were lost entirely because, as long as you can afford your booth, why would you ever leave to face the harsh disappointments of the real worlds?

ďWhatís your fantasy?Ē asked the morbidly obese ticket clerk from behind his half foot of solid glass.

ďA Tek Jansen Adventure," I said, half wondering if this would end up a titular moment on the cover of my memoir, "and one with a happy ending if itís all the same to you.Ē

ďPopular choice today,Ē he said, still not even looking at me. ďBooth six, but clean up after yourself.Ē

As I made my way past five, whole booths I smiled warmly to myself thinking that itís a strange notion that almost everyone here is having the fantasy that they are me, and even with the me-ness that is me, I still find myself in here as well.

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