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Chapter 1 – Once Again, Brave Warrior, Forth Into the Breach (page 1 of 7)

It was a dark and stormy galaxy. Some called it the Milky Way but for others the way was as clear as sterling crystali-crystals. Prophets called these with truest vision ‘heroes’, and that they most certainly were, but not heroes in the traditional sense, that of being a normal, healthy, God-fearing and authority-respecting galactic American; but in the real sense, that of being an actual hero, one that does heroic things, even with reckless disregard for his own safety, if not especially so.

The world welcomed me as it always had, this world I call my own, this earthy New Terra. Not quite like it had ever done before or as was soonly about to, but the sun glinting off the atmosphere’s ionized cesium at high noon made for a glorious sight and one I'd never hesitate to fully embrace with every last interquark of my personabeing.

I deactivated my solivisor as I stepped through the autoslide doors of the Planetary Government and Social Protection Programs cumulonimboscraper's majestic lobby. It was a humble, modestly spectacular place, with the newly installed transparent fluxiglass lenses giving me a clear view of the foyer’s central feature — a hologram of the New Geneva cityscape that couldn't help but call attention. It was the sort of sight that could bring tears to your eyes, and even more now that the municipal cookie-scent program was replaced with the rich stench of eye-watering onion.

I wryly thought to myself, to the fact that the PGSPP building was by far the tallest in the city, it could only be the result of the demolition order that was the first law passed when the new New Terran government, the Planetary Parliament, was formed. The merger of the European Regency Council and the East-West Oversight Alliance had made it more real than gravity, even though on its highest floors that very force was notably diminished. The merger was a mess but much of their work spoke otherwise.

I didn't understand the point of it, this confusing New Terran government, though I never hesitated to support it.

New Terra was working fine when it was run by the three separate governments: The European Regency Council, (which controlled all of New Europe, which consisted of 22nd Century Europe plus the former New Democratic Soviet Union,) the Mediterranean countries, and India; the East-West Oversight Alliance, created when the governments of Americana (which in the 23rd century was known as North America, Central America, and South America) and the Asian Protectorate (the 20th century Asia and the good parts of Africa) were united by the charismatic Vizier Thurmond Chang; and the Southern Colony, which ruled Australia, Southern Africa, and Antarctica until they were destroyed by the Planetary Parliament shortly after their merger in 2412.

The preceding paragraph may feel as unreadable as it is nonsensically confusing, and indeed that’s a common perception held by worm-hole time readers from century’s bygone, but in modern New Terran English, it makes nothing but absolutely perfect sense.

(You can also see the newspaper clipping inspired by this chapter.

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