Alpha Squad 7: Lady Nocturne: A Tek Jansen Adventure Chapters Available

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Welcome to the chapter outline page. Feel free to check back often or become a member to get first access to them as they come online. In the mean time here is the outline of all the chapters that are available. If you are looking for a breakout page by page, take a look at the sitemap instead, but be advised that the majority of the book is only available to lifetime members.

Chapter 1 - Once Again, Brave Warrior, Forth Into the Breach
It was a dark and stormy galaxy. Some called it the Milky Way but for others the way was clear. Prophets called these with truest vision "heroes", and that they were, but not heroes in the traditional sense, that of being a normal, healthy, God-fearing and authority-respecting American; but in the real sense, that of being an actual hero, one that does heroic things with reckless disregard for his own safety. (Read It)

Chapter 2 - A Hero He Is, Yes, But Also Still A Man
I slipped in to my booth, took the large, purple, checkered mind relaxing salve and rubbed it across my chest. I engaged the reactivatoriton to my brain hole and the ride began. I was back in Alpha Squad Headquarters and it was the minute Iíd first walked in the door. (Read It)

Chapter 3 - State Unrestful, Ugly, Ugly Peace
She couldnít have weighed more than twenty pounds to her whole five feet of sumptuous, golden glittering height. ďCall me Tek.Ē She blushed to emerald green and her wings pattered so I thought she might pop right off the balcony. ďAnd who on Godís green New Terra are you?Ē I asked with insinuation dripping off every bud of my human tongue. (Read It)

Chapter 4 - Relaxing at the Capital
The parade and festivities were done, and it had been a week like few others. I was spent, but due to the outlandish expenditures for the parade, so were all of my colleagues, a million monthly expense accounts and the landscape of the entire earth, as well as all of the known accessible resources of every stellar body within two gigajumps of earth. (Read It)

Chapter 5 - When Presidents Beg
When I say itís a terrible system, I mean this political structure as much as the solar one in which we live. Iím a patriot; donít get me wrong, itís just that all the giants are gas and all the orbits elliptical, who needs that? That doesnít mean I wonít fight to the death for these systems, just that I still prefer it be the death of someone else to myself, preferably a stranger or planet of strangers. (Read It)

Chapter 6 - Dreadscape Unleashed
As our ship hurtled bow to keister, I fell back in to my suspendi-bed, plugged from temple to anus in my interactive learning hammock, and cultured myself fully about my mission, mentally, orally, and most importantly, anally. Some people are best expressed orally, but not me, Iím the other kind of white meat that way, baby. (Read It)

Chapter 7 - From Dreadscape to Dread
Her mint-hued skin had subtle spots of slightest contrast which grew richer, darker and deeper as they climbed up her neck, across her ďfaceĒ and towards her cartoonishly oversized azure eyes, trimmed strikingly with fat, black lashes that visibly moved the air with each alluring double-wink, or ďblinkĒ if you donít read subtext. (Read It)

Chapter 8 - T.R.O.T.S.O.G.U.L.H.F.I.T.P-H.O.
The reaction of the son of God upon learning his fate in the pre-hereafter omniverse (Read It)

Chapter 9 - Compunction Junction, What's Your Major Malfunction?
The glistening craft was as gorgeous as Iíd remembered her from the schematic drawings Iíd seen so many times, the culmination of a million man-hours of engineering combined with just the right amount of fresh, moist adobe to keep her safely in space. She had shapes so flawless it made children weep and edges so sharp you could split a razors edge twice on the worst day. She was a ship that could cut through the intense friction of deep space with chainsaw precision and as easily Julienne slice any beggar who tried to wash her windows at a stoplight. (Read It)

Chapter 10 - My Squad Atricious
Chapter will be available on or before 6-11-06. (Read It)

Chapter 11 - Flashback, Hallucination or Prophesy?
Chapter will be available on or before 6-25-06. (Read It)

Chapter 12 - Who Dur'th Assassinate?
Chapter will be available on or before 7-9-06. (Read It)

Chapter 17 - Killer Koandas of Quadrant-5
We were on course, but the course we'd set was more than a modest modicum of treacherousness. Time is always of the essence, but never so much as it is when you've got somewhere to be, which we did. Time was short, place was far and there was no time for pit stops on the inter-stellar highway. Not Hershey, not otherwise. (Read It)

Chapter 25 - The Dodecadence of Margbwar-12
The huge, precise, analog dial, larger than an Aztec calendar and weighing as much as a Pinto, swooped perfectly across the band until it slowed beneath his nimble, one-ball man having finger tips and rest on the sector in question... and there was a beacon ping with an interlaced message encrypted with mondalina harmonics. It said "for a good time, follow the sound of my voice, sailor." (Read It)

Chapter 26 - Abraxxias Gambit
Our macroshuttle was granted tempora-permission to land for refuelination under the strict understanding we'd have sex with their women and be on our way. Of course it wasn't so simple, as we had to first submit countless tomes of nude depictions of ourselves and provide electro-proof we had intoxicating tinctures onboard. Also we had to submit genetic affidavits that we intended to use said intoxicants, as well as perform the acts shown in the illumi-photos of ourselves. (Read It)

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